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What Articulation Does For Students

  • Minimizes course duplication, reducing costs for students and institutions
  • Allows students to waive course requirements while in high school and/or ROP
  • Provides incentive for students to continue their education
  • Prepares students for higher education

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To find out if your high school/ROP has articulated classes, use the search function on this website to view current agreements. Contact your high school counselor if you have questions.

How Students Can Waive Their Course
Requirements at the College

  1. After successfully completing your articulated high school course you will receive a High School articulation certificate from your teacher. Keep your certificate in a safe location.
  2. Attend a State Center Community College or Educational Center.
    • Take the certificate and your high school transcript with you when enrolling. The certificate is a backup to your transcript and is proof of successful course completion.
  3. Upon completion of 12 college units with a GPA of 2.0 or better, take your High School articulation certificate to the Admissions and Records office at the college indicated on your certificate and complete a "Petition for Credit" form.
  4. No units or credit will be awarded for the articulated course, but the course requirements will be waived. Credit can only be earned through courses approved for Credit by Examination.

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