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How to Apply

  1. Log on to your account and submit a new or renewal application for articulation. To submit an application you must view your dashboard. Go to the High School Agreements tab and click on "Submit New Agreement".
  2. Articulation applications must include uploading the following documents:
    1. Course Outline, including textbooks used
    2. Student Learning Outcomes/Course Competencies
    3. Major Items of Equipment List
    4. Sample Assessment
  3. Please provide all the necessary information to help college faculty determine whether the courses are approximate in content, materials and evaluation methods. If certain documents are missing it will delay the process.
  4. Once you have completed the application click "Submit Agreement". You will see a message stating your application was submitted successfully.
  5. You can view your application progress by logging into your account at any time and accessing your dashboard. Click on your application and review the action log to determine the current status.

General Guidelines for Articulation Agreements

  1. Collaboration between high school/ROP teachers and college faculty is integral in achieving articulation. The Articulation Officer assists in the facilitation of this process and acts as liaison between the high schools and community colleges.
  2. The approval process may take up to a year from the date the application is submitted.
  3. Once the application is approved by the college Department Chair, the college Curriculum Committee reviews and approves the curriculum and forwards it to the Educational Coordinating and Planning Committee (ECPC). The ECPC provides final review before presenting it to the SCCCD Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees considers articulation agreements for final approval in December or June.
  4. Agreements remain active for a three (3) year period. At the end of three years the high school/ROP teacher must renew their agreement.

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