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About High School Articulation

What is High School Articulation?

Articulation can be done by Course-to-Course equivalency, Credit By Exam, Advanced Placement, The College Board Advanced Placement Program, or Dual Enrollment. With few exceptions, articulation of Career Technical Education classes is Course to Course. Course-to-Course agreements identify a particular course at a sending institution (usually a high school or ROP) that is comparable to or acceptable in lieu of a corresponding course at a receiving institution (usually a community college). According to Title 5 regulations, articulated high school courses can be applied to waive particular college course requirements, but can be granted college credit only through Credit by Exam.

The articulation process is designed to help students advance from one course, program or educational level to the next without repeating essentially the same course they took while in high school. By completing an articulated course while still enrolled in high school, students may complete a certificate or degree program in a shorter time.

The State Center Consortium (SCC) actively promotes, but does not control, the articulation of courses between SCCCD community colleges and high schools/ROP's in the Central Valley.

Credit By Exam

One of the methods in which students can obtain credit for a high school articulated course is through Credit By Exam. Credit By Examination means that a student has satisfactorily passed an exam approved and/or conducted by the college faculty for a course offered by the college. The State Center Community College District is in the process of establishing district policies to institute the development of a Credit By Exam mechanism for articulated courses. Please continue to check the website for new information regarding these new policies and procedures.


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